Why Invest in Trauma?

Trauma Cover / Recovery / Critical Illness are different titles for policies with various Insurance Companies, which all do the same thing, providing a lump sum payment on the occurrence of any one of the specified critical illnesses. Most companies insure over 40 conditions, and there are options to have trauma re-instatement and partial trauma benefit payouts included in your contract. You must survive 14 days after the critical illness before the benefit will be paid.

Examples of trauma conditions covered include (note there is a 90 day wait from the start of the contract for some trauma events such as cancer and heart related illness):

• Cancer
• Heart related disorders
• Neurological disorders
• Around another 40 other Trauma related conditions
(Source: Risk Store 2013)

Why Invest in Trauma?
To cover medical expenses, mortgage, debt reduction and supplement short-term loss of income. Trauma insurance is increasingly helping Australians fund treatment and maintain their lifestyle. Struggling with financial stress is one of the biggest factors which will affect your recovery from a serious illness.

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