Transition To A Comfortable Retirement

If YOU are age 55 or over this is for YOU!!

How Pre-Retirees Can Transition To A Comfortable Retirement!

Would YOU like to take advantage of this strategy and get more money while paying less tax and securing YOUR retirement as well?

If YOU are age 55 or over, and want to pay less tax, get more money into super, maintain YOUR current take home pay amount and make ‘every post a winner’ when it comes to accumulating for YOUR retirement, we created this short video just for YOU!

What is a Transition to Retirement (TTR) pension?

  • In 2005, the Federal Government introduced new laws designed to allow working Australians access to their superannuation
  • This was made possible by establishing a ‘transition to retirement’ (TTR) pension with YOUR existing super savings

TTR pensions can allow YOU to:

  1. Boost YOUR lifestyle by reducing YOUR working hours without reducing YOUR income
  2. Boost YOUR retirement savings without impacting YOUR income if YOU are still working
  3. Boost YOUR income so YOU have more money to cover YOUR everyday living expenses

What are the benefits of a TTR pension?

  • YOU salary-sacrifice some of YOUR pre-tax income into YOUR super account. This money is taxed at 15% inside super, compared to YOUR marginal tax rate.
  • YOU start drawing an income from YOUR TTR pension:
    • If YOU’RE between ages 55-60, this income is taxed at YOUR marginal tax rate. However, YOU are entitled to a 15% tax offset.
    • After age 60, this income is generally tax-free.
  • By changing the structure of YOUR income, YOU can use the savings to boost YOUR super
  • Also, once YOU start a pension account, all investment earnings on YOUR pension account are exempt from tax.


There are three main types of TTR strategies:

  1. To boost YOUR lifestyle by easing into retirement
  1. Working full time to boost YOUR super for retirement
  1. Looking to access more money today and boost YOUR income



There are Superannuation rules to consider and the taxation office can impose penalties if YOU do not structure this process correctly.  


A TTR strategy can help YOU reach YOUR financial goals in retirement.
It’s important to seek individual advice about YOUR circumstances

So let’s work on this together”

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