Key Person Insurance?


Too many Australian businesses remain unaware of the severe financial impact the loss of an owner, partner, shareholder or skilled employee can have on business financial viability.

Business owners ensure plant, buildings and equipment against damage or loss as the result of fire or vandalism, engage security firms to guard premises.

Yet they overlook to protect the human asset that produces business wealth. Why invest in Key Person Insurance?

A key person is someone whose death, disablement or critical illness could have an adverse economic impact on the business.

Key person protection insurance provides funds to offset unforeseen costs and losses arising from the death, disablement or critical illness of a key employee. Key person protection can protect against the loss of income and profits, or it can provide capital to repay a business debt arising from loss of a key person.

The following are benefits key person protection provides:

  • Cash to help the business attract the most suitable replacement
  • Available cash to replace the loss of turnover profit
  • Cash to fund existing business operational activities and any expansion plans
  • Cash to repay any outstanding business loans or financial obligations

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