The superannuation system is designed to help you provide for your retirement without having to rely too heavily on the age pension. It is a system that is both tax-effective and cost efficient.

Superannuation is a system of compulsory saving for retirement. Most employees receive SG Contributions where-by your employer is legally required to contribute a set percentage of your salary into a complying superannuation fund, which can now be a fund of your own choice. This payment is on top of salary and wages. You can choose to make your own voluntary contributions as well, depending on your particular financial circumstances and the amount of money you want to save. Choice of superannuation fund is a law that gives many employees the right to choose which superannuation fund will receive their employer superannuation guarantee contributions. Choice of superannuation fund started on 1 July 2005. (Source: ATO website)

Personal circumstances and super fund returns will vary, so we recommend that you seek appropriate professional advice from us before making decisions about your super. (Source: ATO website)



Due to the ability of superannuation funds being able to borrow for investment in real estate means there is now a whole new wave of investors who want to use their superannuation for bricks and mortar, not shares.
This is an area that is fraught with difficulty, there has never been a greater need for education on this subject. Organising a Self Managed Superannuation Fund is very complex and needs the expertise of someone who has the correct qualifications.
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