Video Testimonials


Our role is to put you in the best position to enjoy life and or face its challenges when they arise.  However there is nothing more pleasing than than a client recommending our services or going to the trouble to write a thank you letter. 

Here are a few of those client "thank you" messages we have received over time:

Kevin ( video )

<p>Hi My Name is Kevin In October 2005 I was referred to Andrew by my mortgage broker in order to assess and revise my Financial Protection needs. Andrew and Siona came to our house one evening and organised an Income Protection Policy with Zurich with the premiums coming from my bank account. They also organised my super with ING together with Life and Total Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD). This insurance was organised in away that my Superfund paid the premiums and by so doing minimisi...</p> continue reading

Laurie ( video )

<p>While I have been incapacitated &amp; in poor health, Andrew &amp; Siona &amp; their staff have gone beyond the call of duty to assist me in managing my Income Protection claims &amp; Superannuation. The process of making a claim &amp; all the bureaucratic hurdles associated with it are very taxing for even an able bodied person. Without their help I would be in my very own padded cell &amp; straight jacket. With some of the tedious &amp; distressing things that they have addressed on my beha...</p> continue reading

Elizabeth ( video )

<p>Hi Andrew and Siona I just want to let you know that I am at a good place right now after being diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-September last year. Almost a year has gone by and it seems like another life time ago when I was so ill with the effects of the chemotherapy treatment. After my surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, I am now on the road to recovery and started work in June on a part time basis. I have now resumed full time work and back on track to getting my l...</p> continue reading