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Hi My Name is Kevin

In October 2005 I was referred to Andrew by my mortgage broker in order to assess and revise my Financial Protection needs.

Andrew and Siona came to our house one evening and organised an Income Protection Policy with Zurich with the premiums coming from my bank account. They also organised my super with ING together with Life and Total Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD). This insurance was organised in away that my Superfund paid the premiums and by so doing minimising the effect on our cash flow. They also organised policies from my wife, Sara and our children.

In February 2006 only 4 months after taking out the policies I called Andrew and said I would like to cancel the policies as we, my family, were having a problem with our cash flow after buying our house. Andrew and Siona encouraged us to keep the policy and tried to help in every way they could.

On the 10th July 2006 only 9 months after taking out the policies I hurt my back at work. I called Andrew and Siona and they notified Zurich and organised for the claim forms to be sent. At that stage I was on put on light duties but because I was earning enough I could not qualify for the income protection payments.

From 2006 -2008 I was on light duties doing office work. I could no longer perform my profession as a fitter and turner.

In 2008 I fell over a box in the office badly injuring my back, neck and shoulders. In August 2008 I had a major back operation and from then on never went back to work.

Due to the injury happening at work I was paid Workers Comp from August 2008 to March 2011. While Workers Comp payments were being paid I did not have to pay the monthly premiums to Zurich as I was on claim. If you are on an Income Protection claim you don’t have to pay the monthly premiums, the premiums were waived.

As soon as the Workers Comp payments ceased my Zurich Income Protection payments kicked in. I am very lucky that Andrew had set up the Income Protection policy in away that I will receive a monthly income to age 65.

On the 31st January this year I was paid out a lump sum from my Total Permanent Disability policy due to me never being able to work in my profession again. With this money we were able to pay off our home loan and do some renovations to the house. We still have a enough to invest in a Pension and Superannuation. Andrew is busy organising this for me.

My wife and our 3 children, being my son who is still at school and both my daughters who are at university, are extremely grateful to Andrew and Siona for encouraging us not to cancel our policies and for all their help in making sure we got paid all what was due to us by the relative insurance companies. I really hate to think how we would have coped with out their help.

The personal service Andrew and Siona and their team extend is outstanding and it is very comforting to know that they are always there to assist us 24/7 even when they are on holiday.

Best Regards,


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