Elizabeth ( video )

Hi Andrew and Siona

I just want to let you know that I am at a good place right now after being diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-September last year.
Almost a year has gone by and it seems like another life time ago when I was so ill with the effects of the chemotherapy treatment.
After my surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, I am now on the road to recovery and started work in June on a part time basis. I have now resumed full time work and back on track to getting my life back to normal.

Things are getting back to being busy again but I just want to spend a few minutes to write to both of you to let you know that I really appreciate all your support during my illness. Never would I have thought that I would need the Critical Illness Insurance and Income Protection Policies that you recommended and which I subsequently signed up for in October 2010. I guess these are things that one does not want to think about in terms of drawing on these insurances but grateful that they are in place when life takes a downturn.

I really appreciate Andrew coming round to my house so promptly when I informed both of you about my illness and helping me to complete and submit all the necessary documentation for my Critical Illness and Income Protection claims. My claims were processed and paid by MLC almost immediately and my finances were not compromised when I had to stop work to begin treatment in October 2013.

I would like to express my gratitude to Andrew & yourself for always responding to my emails and telephone calls immediately and providing the necessary feedback whenever I had any questions about my insurance policies. In the months when I was so emotionally and mentally distressed, I sincerely thank you both for providing the personal touch in supporting me where I was not burdened by any additional financial worries as your caring assistance ensured that my claims were all paid out accordingly.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ric & Emma and all staff at Insurance Perth for their kind support and prompt follow up action on those couple of occasions when both Andrew & yourself are not available. Most importantly, all of you have never let me feel that I was all alone to follow up on my policies which can prove very daunting in understanding the fine print especially when one is ill. I only needed to concentrate about getting well, safe in the knowledge that you were all ever ready to assist me with my claims whenever needed which helped me tremendously when I had to stop work.

Thank you all once again.

Best Regards,


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